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Hexagons (AA) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
The Glazed Hex mosaic series is a re-creations of the classic, historical tile with which we are all familiar. The shade and size variation is part of the high-fire porcelain production process.
*NEW 4" Hex in Matte (AA400/HX) and Matte Black(AA499/HX) have been added to the Aurora series.
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Loire by Coem (CMLE) Ceramic Wall Tile
Loire represents a return to a rustic sensibility with a more modern interpretation of “rustic“. It has very softly chiseled edges and wide shade variation. The final look resembles the stone blocks of castle walls in Europe, rich with history yet situated in the heart of modern cities. There is a wide range of variation in graphics and color and care should be taken to achieve desired blend. Therefore it is important to mix the tile within each carton and blend tile from several cartons during installation.
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Riva by Lanka (LARA) Ceramic Wall Tile
Riva, the riverbed, where earth meets water, is the idea behind the Riva series with its translucent "watery glazes". Riva redefines the aesthetics of an artisanal tile series by combining the clean and simple lines of a contemporary look with the richness and depth of translucent glazes. The glazes pool differently depending upon the size and shape of both the field and trim pieces. This is a natural and inherent characteristic of this type of glazing method, and contributes to the desired end result.
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Coem Signum wood look tileCoem Signum wood look tile

Signum by Coem (CMSM) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Signum is a rectified colored-body porcelain. Coem has created a cutting-edge contemporary wood-look using the latest inkjet technology.
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Bloc by Lanka (LABC) Ceramic Wall Tile
Lanka brings modern appeal with classic style to wall tile with their rectangular Bloc series. With two finishes — glossy and matte — and a broad color palette, infinite design options are possible. Different colors can be blended for a fresh feel. Additional texture can be created by mixing glossy and matte finishes in tandem, and the two building block sizes allow for interesting patterns. Here's the opportunity to create a new twist on the "standard white".
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Nextra by Moncibec (MONA) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Nextra is a colored-body porcelain with inkjet application that has a concrete look with soft variaton in a contemporary palette.
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Galassie by View (VWGE) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Competitively priced Italian Inkjet Glazed Porcelain with soft variation and movement in 3 sizes. Suitable for residential and moderate commercial use.
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Kauri Petrified WoodKauri

Kauri by Acif (AFKI) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Kauri is an Italian glazed porcelain which uses inkjet technology to create the look of petrified wood in three finishes. The bark is a rough, textured finish to represent the outside of the tree, while the Natural (matte) and Lappato (semi-polished) finishes both represent the inside core of the tree. Expect a lot of variation within each color.
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Cootage wood tileCottage Wood Tile

Cottage Wood by Fioranese (FECW)
Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Fioranese uses the latest inkjet technology to imitate the rustic wood of a cozy cottage–the result is the realistic and unique Cottage Wood line. It offers the look of wood flooring with the technical advantages of glazed porcelain tile. Both sizes are rectified and are suitable for residential and some commercial use.
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Streaming by Marca CoronaStreaming by Marca Corona

Streaming by Marca Corona (MCSG) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Streaming is a contemporary look featuring a softly striped linear surface that fuses the aesthetic features of a refined material with the impeccable technical performance of rectified full-body porcelain stoneware. Streaming is stocked in two rectified sizes in five cutting edge colors.
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manhattan wall tilewall tile manhattan
hex mosaic images

Manhattan | Subway Wall Tile (MN) Ceramic Wall Tile
The Manhattan Wall Tile series is intended to have a hand-crafted look and feel. Pieces may not be perfectly flat and surface and glaze irregularities add to its appeal.
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floor tile koshiPorcelain Floor Tile
koshi by imola

Koshi by Imola (IAKI) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Koshi offers a modern, fresh look in full-body porcelain. With an eight-color palette in 12 x 12 and 12 x 24 it is the ideal choice for commercial or residential applications.
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Large format tilealchemy
alchemy porcelain mosaic

Alchemy (AY) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Alchemy has employed traditional Japanese glazes to create its rich and variegated palette. It is the perfect choice for a full wall installation in a bathroom or kitchen backsplash. As well, sheets can be cut and combined with other field tile to create cost effective feature strips or decorative inserts.
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Bali by Arianabali by aariana

Bali by Ariana (AABI) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Evoking the magic of distant lands in a modern way, the Bali series draws its inspiration from the fine details of aged banana wood, with its multi-directional veining that creates a special geometry of its own. Some of the pieces of this Italian glazed inkjet porcelain series have the linear striation of the wood grain horizontally across the plank tile, creating deeper variation and interest.
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Scot by ColliScot by Colli

Scot by Colli (CIST) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Scot has taken different kinds of marble veining patterns combining and mixing the images onto 6 x 36 planks to create a new and modern interpretation. Each color in this Italian inkjet glazed porcelain series includes veining patterns from various marbles within each color’s range. The result is a rich mix of graphics and tones that conveys a striking effect when installed due to the multi-directional movement of the veins.
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crosscut wooddesign positive
magica botticino wall and floor tile

CrossCut Wood by Provenza (PZCW) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
The CrossCut Wood from Provenza is the heart of the tree visible in the sawn log. Unique in the growing number of porcelain woods available, CrossCut has taken advantage of the cutting-edge capabilities of the inkjet technology to achieve the remarkable beauty of this line.
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