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Venezia Stone Tile
Actual stone that is semi-polished with a brushed finish, the Venezia series is classic style for today's contemporary settings. From rich saturated hues to soft neutral tones, these natural tiles will make an enduring statement.
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Metal Profiles Accent Tile
Metal Profiles consists of 3/8 inch x 8.86 linear feet flat-top pieces that are available in two colors and two finishes. Each piece can be cut to the length of the insert needed when combining with field tile.
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Stone & Glass & Deco Accent Tile, Glass Tile, Stone Tile
5/8 x 5/8 stone and glass pieces are randomly blended and mesh-mounted on approx. square foot sheets. Glass pieces vary in their color range within the blend color and are a mix of matte, shiny and glazed embossed surfaces. Stone pieces have metallic glazed surfaces that also vary in color.
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