Marks by Elios

Marks by Elios (ESMS) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Imagine a floor that has been aged and weathered over time with traces of past traffic and peeling paint. Its “marks” are celebrated as part of the history that makes it interesting today. Add to that charm the ease of maintenance and high quality of an Italian inkjet porcelain, and Elios has a line that is sure to get people excited. It is rustic but would look equally appealing in a contemporary environment. There is a lot of variation and tiles must be blended from multiple boxes during installation.
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Terre NuoveTerre Nuove

Terre Nuove by Sant'agostino (SOTN) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Terre Nuove emulates the traditional rustic tiles found in floors across Italy. There is a wide range of variation with many different graphics that are mixed and packed randomly. It is important to pull from multiple boxes during installation, rotate pieces and note the placement of the different images in order to get the proper final blend.
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Firenze by FAP (FPFE)
Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
The Firenze series channels the traditional beauty and sophistication of the city of Florence in Tuscany. With its warm palette and rich shading, this full-body porcelain stoneware with inkjet application is an option that will add charm to any space. 
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Orchestra by La Fabbrica (LFOA)
Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
The Orchestra line takes its inspiration from the natural world of the Mediterranean region and the finest contemporary Italian design. The result is a tone-on-tone decorative line in a rich blend of floral textures and modern geometric patterns. The coordinating solid field tile in the line’s neutral palette allows for endless creativity, as the decorative tiles can be used in entire areas or combined with the solid colors to create striking and memorable features. It is a colored-body glazed porcelain suitable for walls and floors including residential and moderate commercial use.
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Apogeo by Tagina

Apogeo by Tagina (TAAO) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
“Apogeo,” Italian for “apogee,” means the highest point of an object’s orbit. It is the perfect name for Tagina’s new line. Tile trends are cyclical, and the current trend of “return to rustic” is a natural fit for Tagina. They simply looked to their history and the products that made them famous; then using the latest technology and a contemporary sensibility, they created this new line which represents the pinnacle of their considerable capabilities. Rich colors, wide variation, and slightly chiseled edges are all characteristics of Apogeo. Multiple sizes, including a hexagon, allow endless design options. There is a lot of variation in this line which cannot be ascertained by looking at one piece. Please check tile samples before making final selections.
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LameriaMarble Hill

Lamiera by Faenza
(FALM) Porcelain Floor & Ceramic Wall Tile
Lamiera was inspired by the contemporary urban context and architectural trends of today. The colored-body Italian glazed porcelain series was created to evoke an atmosphere which is warm and stylish, yet powerful and trend-setting. Surfaces are reinvented with a material that has the look of sheet metal that shows the effects of time, transforming simplicity into an opportunity for expression. The metallic look is achieved without adding real metals to the glaze so it retains all the advantages of glazed porcelain.
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ChaletChaletMarble Hill

Chalet by Emiliana (EACT)
Porcelain Floor & Ceramic Wall Tile
Chalet is a rectified Italian colored-body glazed porcelain inkjet series. With its palette of three neutral and two more saturated colors combined with the sought-after appeal of wood-look porcelain, this series is an ideal choice for many areas. Chalet goes beyond the usual imitation by introducing crosscut pieces, pieces with and without knots and other details one would expect to see with real wood. The wide range of these pieces also contribute to the authenticity of rustic wood. To attain the proper mix of graphics and color it is important to mix tile within each carton and blend tile from several cartons.
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Styleedimax style

Style by Edimax (EXSE)
Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Inspired by the timelessness of famous cities that are rich in history and also thoroughly chic and modern, the Style series blends modern tastes with traditional warmth and charm. This 8 x 48 plank is suitable for residential to moderate commercial use.
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Cotto by Euro (EOCO) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Euro uses modern technology to achieve the quintessentially classic terra-cotta look in glazed porcelain. Its slightly undulated surface with the marks of traditional hand-made terracotta adds to the series’ authenticity. Cotto features two finishes, Natural and Grip, allowing a fluid transition from interior to exterior spaces.
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Floortech by Floor Gres
(FGFH) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
With Floortech, Floor Gres brings the quality of a technical Italian full-body porcelain to the stone-look. Each color represents a different, popular stone. All nine stone colors are available in the “Soft Finish” which looks and feels like a honed stone. Like real stone, the Soft Finish will vary in surface texture depending upon the stone color. Suitable for both commercial and residential installations.
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Cootage wood tileCottage Wood Tile

Cottage Wood by Fioranese (FECW)
Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Fioranese uses the latest inkjet technology to imitate the rustic wood of a cozy cottage–the result is the realistic and unique Cottage Wood line. It offers the look of wood flooring with the technical advantages of glazed porcelain tile. Both sizes are rectified and are suitable for residential and some commercial use.
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Alchemy 3x6Alchemy 3x6

Alchemy 3x6 (AY36) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Alchemy offers distinctive glazes reminiscent of traditional Japanese pottery that are characterized by matte and shiny effects, pooling and intense shade variation. The rich mix of green tones in the Meadow color creates a beautiful effect in this high quality Japanese porcelain.
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Large format tilealchemy
alchemy porcelain mosaic

Alchemy (AY) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Alchemy has employed traditional Japanese glazes to create its rich and variegated palette. It is the perfect choice for a full wall installation in a bathroom or kitchen backsplash. As well, sheets can be cut and combined with other field tile to create cost effective feature strips or decorative inserts.
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