melange wall tiledesign positive
design positive

Melange by Grazia (GAME) Ceramic Wall Tile
Melange wall tile series is noted for its soft palette and gentle shading which creates interesting variation of color. The 5 x 5 has soft, subtle shading while the 2-1/2 x 5 has the same tones expanding them to create rich blends with wide variation. The result is blended colors conveniently packaged and sold as one product.
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Lanka DuneDune

Dune by Lanka (LADU) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
The softly undulated surface of Lanka’s Dune series mimics the rolling hills of sand on the beach. Structured wall tile at a competitive price, this series can be used in entire areas or as an accent with coordinating products.
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Riva by Lanka (LARA) Ceramic Wall Tile
Riva, the riverbed, where earth meets water, is the idea behind the Riva series with its translucent "watery glazes". Riva redefines the aesthetics of an artisanal tile series by combining the clean and simple lines of a contemporary look with the richness and depth of translucent glazes. The glazes pool differently depending upon the size and shape of both the field and trim pieces. This is a natural and inherent characteristic of this type of glazing method, and contributes to the desired end result.
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Velluto by Lanka (LAVO)
Ceramic Wall Tile
Just like the “velvet” for which it is named, Velluto is matte without being flat and has gentle shading that makes it feel rich and decadent. Whether your tastes run to the modern or solidly traditional, the versatile, soft-hued palette of Velluto is appealing. It is the perfect fusion of classic design with modern style. The neutral, matte colors with subtle shading create a hand-crafted look that is perfect for any installation.
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Grazia ImpressionsImpressions

Impressions by Grazia
(GAIM) Ceramic Wall Tile
The Impressions series has a handcrafted look that is characterized by craquele glazes in a rich color palette with shade variation. Some size variation and warpage is a natural part of this product. The 5 ½ x 22 size is available in a plain field tile and a structured Bamboo field which can be used in entire areas or as a striking accent. It is suitable for residential and commercial interior wall applications.
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Bloc by Lanka (LABC) Ceramic Wall Tile
Lanka brings modern appeal with classic style to wall tile with their rectangular Bloc series. With two finishes — glossy and matte — and a broad color palette, infinite design options are possible. Different colors can be blended for a fresh feel. Additional texture can be created by mixing glossy and matte finishes in tandem, and the two building block sizes allow for interesting patterns. Here's the opportunity to create a new twist on the "standard white".
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manhattan wall tilewall tile manhattan
design positive

Manhattan Wall Tile (MN) Ceramic Wall Tile
The Manhattan Wall tile Series is intended to have a hand-crafted look and feel. Pieces may not be perfectly flat and surface and glaze irregularities add to its appeal.
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SculptorMarble Hill

Marble Hill by Naxos
(NSMH) Porcelain Floor/Wall & Ceramic Wall Tile
Sculptor is a Calacatta look that is available in a floor and wall tile combination. Using the latest inkjet technology, Naxos has created a shade that is both warm and classic. Sculptor has timeless appeal making it ideal for any installation. Suitable for residential and commercial installations.
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Large format tiledesign positive
design positive

Design Positive by Epoca (EADP) Ceramic Wall Tile
8 x 20 Wall Tile • Stocked in a versatile 8-color palette. Design Positive is an Italian white-body wall tile that is intended for interior walls.
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new classicnew classic
new classic images

New Classic by Grazia (GANC) Ceramic Wall Tile
New Classic is a modern interpretation of the traditional Grazia wall tile. The striking 5 x 10 size is suitable for diverse style applications with its simple moldings and classic decoratives. The soft-hued palette of seven colors and three accents offers both a new and classic look. Mixing glass, stone or metal with New Classic can add an architectural detail or ornamentation to multiply its design options.
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marmo d impronta campagna infonew classic images

Marmo D by Impronta (ICMD) Porcelain Floor/Wall and Wall Tile
Impronta Ceramiche has created a wall and coordinating floor series with the new Marmo D series. Using digital technology and intaglio matrix printing, the Marmo D series re-creates the surfaces found in nature , and faithfully reproduces marble's different vein patterns onto white-body single-fired tiles (for wall tiles), and onto glazed porcelain stoneware (for floor tiles). The 10 x 22 white body wall tile, with a shiny finish, is available in four marble colors, from Calacatta to Travertine Walnut. The wall trim includes a 3 x 10 surface bullnose and 10" quarter round and beak. Marmo D floor tile is a 14 x 14 glazed porcelain stoneware with a matte finish. The palette is comprised of two popular marble colors with a 3 x 14 surface bullnose and 14" quarter round and beak.
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Listelli Listelli Info
Listelli Images

Listelli by Grazia (GALS) Ceramic Wall Tile
The Listelli wall tile series is noted for its craquele finish glazes* (actual cracks in the glaze) and variation of color. The unusual field size, additional mosaic and moldings create an installation statement.
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ambienti info boiserie pictures

Boiserie by Grazia (GABOI) Ceramic Wall Tile
Reminiscent of the classic beadboard wainscoting, a popular architectural design element, the Boiserie series is a faithful ceramic tile interpretation. In addition to the wainscoting piece, Boiserie includes a cap molding and baseboard tile. All are available in all 3 colors. Decorative relief strips from Grazia Riflessi series can also be incorporated as accents.
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rixi wall tile
Rixi Info Rixi Images

Rixi by Grazia (GARX) Ceramic Wall Tile
Combining the best ideas of other Grazia series, the new Rixi series is a wall tile with a glossy, craquele finish with significant shading that comes in 5 x 5 and 2-1/2 x 5 field sizes. The 2-1/2 x 5 is modular with 5 x 5 field with a tight grout joint. The 6 colors are available in both field sizes, surface trim, quarter round and an interesting array of moldings and decoratives.
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